WLAN Solution for Club
Resolve wireless coverage in the club


Besides hotel, shopping mall, some merchant like coffee shop, Bar, KTV, Restaurant like to provide wireless access for their clients. Here we provide the wireless solution for this merchant.


  • Seamless Stable Wireless Network to meet with Ethernet access request in different time and place.
  • Support cloud server access to do advertisement and captive portal authentication like Facebook, Google, Member Login, push advertisement, collect users browsing records and contact info for second time sell.
  • Work with AC Controller to do centralized configuration, easily and efficiently in installation; Work with cloud server for remote control, convenient in maintenance also.

Working Diagram


  • Dual Band, High Speed, more users: Intelligent Authentication Gateway and Wireless Access Point; Or high performance 11ac wireless router together with cloud server to achieve the wireless coverage. Comply with IEEE 802.11ac standard, 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band, faster data rate with more end users access, provide a stable and fast wireless network.
  • Centralized Configuration, Remote Management and Maintenance: Zero configuration of wireless AP in each Merchant, very easy in installation. Access into cloud server, can check the user access status in each merchant, monitor the working status, keep after sale maintenance in remote at any place.
  • Captive Portal Authentication and Advertisement: When intelligent authentication or wireless router access into cloud server, easy to create captive portal authentication for clients, show advertisement first, then login into wireless Ethernet.


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