WLAN Solution for Hotel
Resolve wireless coverage in the hotel


As smart phone, PC, tablet PC more and more popular, a stable and faster wireless network is the basic point when users choose the hotel, under this trend, we supply the solution and device for hotel Wireless network and monitor.


  • Wireless/Wired Network to meet with different Ethernet request in different time and place
  • Luxury Solution: use in-wall Wireless access point, to connect with exist Ethernet cable, transmission wireless signal and supply data to IPTV, telephone ect.
  • Economic Solution: Use Ceiling Wireless access point, embed into existing decoration, together with high RF power and high gain antenna, maximize to expand Wireless coverage.
  • Multi SSID together with tag VLAN to do data isolation, guarantee network in safety.
  • Support advertisement and guest captive portal authentication like Facebook, Google, Member Login, to bring more business value.
  • Work with AC Controller to do centralized configuration, management and maintenance.

Working Diagram


  • High Pertinence: In hotel Wireless solution, please choose the wireless device based on cost and wireless network stability;Ordinary in-wall wireless AP will be used in hotel rooms based on exist wired cable, 1PC in 1 room to make wireless signal in each corner; Ceiling wireless AP will be installed in hotel corridor, WiFi signel reach to corridor and hotel rooms, wireless device cost decrease as long wireless coverage; Then choose the PoE switch based on exist network structure and PD wireless device, provide both data connection and electric power tor PD wireless device.
  • Different wireless access point install in different place: Supply Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount, Desktop and Outdoor wireless access point, to provide wireless signal to office, lobby, hotel room, meeting room, outdoor garden...; With function of seamless roaming, guest can surf Ethernet anywhere and any time, bring a pleasant experience.
  • Centralized Management and Maintenance: All the Wireless access point can work with AC Controller, which will distribute IP address for each wireless AP, then configure SSID, password, channel, RF power, tag VLAN in a single PC, easy in management and maintenance.
  • Multiple Firewall: Support multiple firewall like DMZ, MAC filter, IP address filter, port forwarding, support tag VLAN based on SSID, make staff, guest access into different network, protect the networking in safety status all the time.
  • Guest Captive Portal Authentication: AC Controller can access into cloud server, to do advertisement and guest captive portal authentication, such as Facebook login, Google login, WeChat login, Member login, to protect network safety and bring more business value.


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